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What is the Pilates Method?

The Pilates Method is a method of mental and physical conditioning currently being used with people of all ages, shapes and sizes: from amateur athletes, prenatal and postnatal women, teenagers, and senior citizens to professional dancers and celebrities. The Pilates Method is also very common in helping people recover and rehabilitate from injuries of all types. The strengthening and stretching movements are non-impact and stress-free.

What are some benefits of the Pilates Method?

  • ACHIEVE MIND/BODY AWARENESS by fine-tuning individual balanced muscle use for ease of motion, you combine mental awareness with physical movement and training.
  • GREATER MUSCLE TONE, STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY through economical, functional body movements.
  • ALLEVIATE pain, chronic injury, fatigue, muscle inbalance, inflexible joints and poor circulation.
  • ACHIEVE better circulation, improved breathing, postural alignment and a flatter stomach.

How is Pilates different from other excercise programs?

The Pilates method tones the body by focusing on the mind and conditions specific parts of the body by considering the body as a whole.

When can I see results?

A sense of control and balance of the body is almost immediate. Body alignment and tone appear in a relatively short while. Strength, flexibility and body shaping will all be apparent with regular practice.

Can Pilates help me recover from injury or pain?

Yes! It restructures the body to eliminate weak or misaligned areas and creates a muscular balance.

Can Pilates improve my performance in sports?

Yes! It increases stamina, endurance and control.

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